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Akhirnya Laju Chelsea Terhenti Saat Kalah dari West Brom

Semua pendukung selalu melihat bahwa selama ini Chelsea selalu mendapatkan kemenangan dengan mudah. Mereka bahkan bisa mendapatkan kemenangan selama 16 laga pertandingan. Tentu saja ini adalah pencapaian yang sangat bagus. Tapi semua pendukung sangat tercengang ketika mereka akhirnya bisa dikalahkan oleh West Brom dengan skor yang cukup memalukan 0-3. Sang pelatih, Jose Mourinho menyatakan bahwa… Read more »

  • Right Granted and Copyright Infringement

    With the copyright, the perpetrator of a product piracy will be prosecuted and penalized. Thus, many companies make the copyright for their products and do not care about the price they will incur. Regarding applications, software, books, CS, albums, and many more are some products that often hijacked by some people to increase product and… Read more »

  • The Difference between Copyright, Patent, and Trademark

    Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator or copyright holder to regulate the use of his creation. judi online Copyright is the right to copy a work and enable the owner of the rights to restrict unauthorized duplication. Copyright has a limited validity period and specified applicable to various kinds of artwork or copyrighted… Read more »

  • 3 Ways to Protect Your Copyright

    The practice of copy paste and imitation of a certain product and brand is often done by many people. It applies in real or virtual world. It tends to conduct in blogging in which it gets loss for the real owners of articles. judi bola It actually belongs to the violation of copyright. It may… Read more »

  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Register Copyright

    Creating a new product, song and art work needs copyright. The copyright is beneficial to register in the related institution in order that it does not be stolen by competitors. The function of copyright is very crucial to maintain your business and give legacy to your products. Here are several other reasons why you still… Read more »

  • How Copyright Works

    Copyright is a form of protection, specifically for the original works of authorship. It is not just working on literatures. Music, artistic, dramatic and the other intellectual works also protected by copyright. So, when you make an intellectual work, you will obtain the copyright of that work. It works automatically. But it stills better to… Read more »

  • Indonesian Batik Today

    Traditional art and culture get lots of attention today. Culture preservation, then, become one of indicators how far a country develops and grows independently. Recent years, the government of Indonesia intensively does the protection of national culture, batik, the things that become popular because Malaysia also claim that this tradition is coming from their country…. Read more »

  • Creative Work and Its Copyright

    Process of creating is not yet ended when it is ready to publish or to show to public. The proccess continues to secure the finding, so that people do not take the idea and copy it for commercial purpose. Yet still this cannot fully protect one’s finding or creative work from plagiarism. Beureau of copyright,… Read more »

  • Fair Use and Public Domain with Copyright Law

    Copyright laws have own jurisdiction as well the details are considered by the government of a country. The rules and parameters about what laws will protect for as well the consequences that must be charged by the breakers. In copyright subject, it is known some terms called fair use and public domain in which they… Read more »

  • Digital Copyright – Things to Know

    Discuss about copyright, it can be wide in range. It is because creative works have sky as the limit. Digital copyright is one of copyright subjects that must be discussed due the piracy and infringement of works in digital forms. This copyright is hopefully can give protection towards any illegal action related to the digital… Read more »

  • Copyright Laws for Internet User

    The invention of internet brings significant impact for mankind as well rise problems and issues related to the creative works. The issue of plagiarism and infringement of copyright currently happen in common and it can be infuriating for many people in certain industries. Therefore, the awareness to provide protection of the works that is under… Read more »